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Color Stain

Heal, Grow, Awaken

Transformation is a long arc.

There are moments when change feels so drastic that it's sure to last. There are phases where true change feels all but unreachable.

We all need ways to sustain ourselves and stay oriented along the journey.


We need tools for integrating the ways we've changed, if we want to see those shifts last.

At Inside Transformation, we're dedicated to understanding the process of transformation, and supporting and empowering people seeking personal and community healing, growth, and spiritual awakening.

We facilitate events, courses and community connection for people who are engaging with consciousness-shifting practices as catalysts in the transformational process.

Catalyst experiences can lead to insights, wisdom, and a new sense of possibility. We help people integrate and embody these shifts for lasting change, through practical techniques, experiential learning, and community connection.


Our community members are engaged in a variety of approaches, including:Our 

  • conscious relationships with plant medicines and psychedelics

  • breathwork

  • movement practices and somatic-based healing 

  • meditation

  • nature immersion

and others.

As facilitators, our goal is to cultivate a greater sense of peace, interconnectedness, and capacity, in service to life. 

Nothing on this site should be considered medical or legal advice. We don't encourage or condone any illegal activities. Consult medical and legal professionals if you have medical or legal questions.


Get to Know Us

At the heart of Inside Transformation lies the belief that integration and community are of paramount importance in fully unlocking the vast potential of plant medicines, psychedelics, other catalyst experiences, and spiritual practice, . 

Our purpose is to guide and support individuals on their quest for growth and spiritual understanding, while also remaining grounded and actively contributing to our communities.

We believe that in order to effectively address the multifaceted global challenges we currently face, we must also embark on inner journeys of self-discovery, personal healing and growth, in order to liberate our innate capacities and intelligences. By nurturing our own inner transformation, we can tap into our unique talents and abilities, which we are then able to offer to the world. This is, paradoxically, both a solo journey and one that none of us traverses alone. We're committed to fostering a vibrant community that is not afraid to seek and integrate the shadow, both individually and collectively, and a community that supports the discovery and expression of each person's unique genius.

Through intentional frameworks and a nurturing community, we provide a safe and supportive space for navigating the inner work that intentional catalysts and practices help facilitate. We do this not only for our community of participants, but also in service to the vision of cultivating and preserving the innermost beauty of humanity amidst times of uncertainty and accelerated change.
In these times, we believe it's all hands on deck for this journey of, in the wise words of Ram Dass, "walking each other home."

To learn more about our personal backgrounds and perspectives, click here.




Next cohort: Spring 2024

4-week introduction to the compass framework for the transformational process, for people working with expanded states for growth and spiritual development. 


  • Neurodynamic Breathwork Sessions

  • Integration Circles

  • Meditation Practice

  • Integration Compass Study Group

  • "Work that Reconnects" Community Circles

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