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At the heart of Inside Transformation lies the belief that to fully unlock the vast potential of plant medicines, psychedelics, other catalyst experiences, healing work, and spiritual practice for healing, growth, and awakening, integration and community are of paramount importance. 


Our purpose is to guide and support individuals  on their quest for growth and spiritual understanding, while also emphasizing the importance of remaining grounded and actively contributing to our communities.


We believe that in order to effectively address the multifaceted global challenges we currently face, we must also embark on inner journeys of self-discovery, personal healing and growth, in order to liberate our innate capacities and intelligences. By nurturing our own inner transformation, we can tap into our unique talents and abilities, which we are then able to offer to the world. This is, paradoxically, both a solo journey and one that none of us traverses alone. We're committed to fostering a vibrant community that is not afraid to seek and integrate the shadow, both individually and collectively, and a community that supports the discovery and expression of each person's unique genius.


Through intentional frameworks and a nurturing community, we provide a safe and supportive space for navigating the inner work that intentional catalysts and practices help facilitate. We do this not only for our own benefit but also in service to the vision of cultivating and preserving the innermost beauty of humanity amidst times of uncertainty and accelerated change.


Humanity is facing immense challenges at this time and we believe it's all hands on deck for this journey of, in the wise words of Ram Dass, "walking each other home".

Who We Are

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Sylas is a life-long spiritual seeker and student of life, dedicated to embodying the path of the heart.  Sylas served his community as a healer using the modalities of Chinese manual therapy and physical culture for over 30 years. His healing journey led him to the intentional use of non-ordinary states of consciousness over 20 years ago.  Since that time, Sylas has studied and explored multiple therapeutic modalities, spiritual traditions, and higher education to foster the inner work he has been called to.  Through his own work, Sylas discovered that psychedelics, while extremely powerful, could not reach their full potential without frameworks and processes for integration. Because of this, he is passionate about sharing the knowledge and experience he has gained to help others on a similar path of healing and conscious awakening.  He developed a three-stage process of Gathering, Catalyst, and Integration that consistently supports the grounding of insight and wisdom into embodied being. He both teaches this framework to others and employs it in serving his clients. Sylas maintains a private practice in transformational spiritual development, and facilitates in person and online learning containers for deepening the skills of integration. Sylas holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from ASU and multiple certifications in transformational coaching.tion.




Leilani Wong Navar, MSOM, L.Ac. has been a practitioner of the healing arts and facilitator of impactful experiences for over 15 years. She has been on a lifelong path of healing, growth, and the seeking of wisdom, guided by an orientation toward presence, curiosity, lovingkindness, and enjoyment of this mysterious gift of Life. In her one-on-one work, Leilani practices acupuncture, dreamwork, and functional medicine. With groups, she facilitates the Work that Reconnects, and experiences that integrate Chinese Medicine and Deep Ecology. Leilani also hosts Turning Season Podcast, a series of deep conversations with people rising to their own unique roles in the "Great Turning," our collective shift to a life-honoring, life-sustaining society. She serves as Assistant Director at School for the Great Turning, an organization devoted to continuing the work of Joanna Macy, supporting students' inner resilience and the liberation of their purposes and gifts in these times. At Inside Transformation, Leilani facilitates the Integration Compass Framework course, and courses on the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Deep Ecology, and dreams. Leilani attended Evergreen State College, where she earned a BA with a focus in Political Economy and Holistic Health, and the National University of Natural Medicine, where she graduated with a Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine. She is a Licensed Acupuncturist and a Certified Dreamworker.

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