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Replay: Fireside Chat with Sylas
October 8, 2023

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Integration Compass 
Introductory Program

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October 18 - November 8, 2023
Northern Lights


This is the foundational course for learning to apply the Integration Compass Framework to your process of working with intentional catalysts, including psychedelics and plant medicines. 


Psychedelic journeys, and other catalysts like breathwork or nature immersion, can teach, heal, inspire, and sometimes scare us. They give us insights and experiences that hold the potential for profound growth. This integration framework is a powerful tool, both before and after the journey, for efficiently moving from the point of having an insight, to the point of embodying the insight, in a patient and compassionate way.  


This course teaches a dynamic, flexible framework for working with transformational experiences. It gives you a compass, to help you orient yourself during the journey through the wilderness of diverse experiences of consciousness, and provides practical methods for approaching transformational work.

This 12-point compass is formed around three main stages: Gathering, Catalyst, and Integration. When clients and students learn this framework, they gain ways of understanding and articulating what they've been experiencing in their transformational process and, most importantly, gain a tool that helps them quickly shift through moments of stuckness, confusion, or disorientation.


Beyond simply a training course, this experience also serves as a personal growth container. While learning the skills and our unique framework model of integration, you will also be challenged and supported in your own growth while applying what you learn.

Hear from past students about their experience learning the Integration Compass:

In this course you will...

Your Facilitators

We are passionate about holding sacred containers for learning, growth and healing. Through these containers, we hope to facilitate a deep embodiment of interconnectedness and allyship with the living world, as we re-member ourselves to the web of life. Click here to learn more about us.

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